Medicinal and aromatic plants are important resources for population living in Karnali region, but people have limited access to market information and little technical knowledge to create value from harvested plants. They do not adequately benefi t from the resources they are endowed with. Markets are often secretive and disorganized and small producers lack the capacity to actively interact and negotiate with more experienced buyers and traders. Moreover, most of the high value non-timber forest products (NTFPs) are sold in their unprocessed form, missing opportunity to add value and benefi t at the district level. A lack of value chain coordination, weak institutional and policy support, market capacities of mountain producers and service providers cause leakages of potential local income. To promote sustainable and equitable exploitation of high value NTFPs Mission East (ME) has received a grant for the Non-State Actor Program of the European Commission, to implement a 3 years project. This project is implemented by Women Welfare Service (WWS) along with 4 other partners. These partners are; Asia Network for Sustainable Agriculture and Bio-resources (ANSAB), Karnali Integrated Rural Development and Research Center (KIRDARC-Nepal), Rural Development Group Programme (RDGP) and Rural Community Development Center (RCDC). The complementary experiences of ANSAB in supporting NTFP promotion, processing and trade in mountainous region of Nepal, KIRDARC’s experience and network to promote social justice in Karnali, through their model of Karnali Kachahari (Dialogue for Change) and the expertise of ME together with the WWS to ensure the full inclusion of women, Dalits and people with disabilities will ensure the expected outcomes of the project.

Project Objectives:-

1. The overall objective of the project is to contribute poverty reduction of remote Karnali regions through sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

2. To contribute to the overall goal, the specific objective for the action is to promote sustainable and equitable exploitation of high value NTFPs in Humla, Mugu and Jumla districts of the Karnali region.

TARGET AREA: – Humla (Darma, Mimi, Rodikot, Melchham and Srimasta), Mugu (Pina, Mangri Ruga, Rowa, Pulu and Mugu) and Jumla District (Patmara, Gothicahur, Chumchaur, Dillichaur, Patharasi and Patmara)

TARGET BENEFICIARIES:- CFUGs, VDCs, NTFP/ suppliers, collectors workers and owners, DCCIs, BDs and women , Dalit and differently able that are already member of FUGs.

Target Duration: – 3 years from 6th of April 2012. Cost for the project is eligible from 6th of April 2012 until 5th of April 2014.