The most important approach of WWS in its work is ensuring inclusion of marginalized groups and excluded groups in development interventions. To address the gender inequity in Karnali particularly in 6 VDCs of Humla and Mugu districts of Mid Western Nepal,  WWS Mission East,and KIRDARC have been implementing a project entitled ‘I have a voice: women advocating for development in Nepal’ funded from project advisory and training canter (PATC) of DANIDA. The main objective of the project is women’s empowerment and civil society capacity building for inclusion and development in the Karnali Zone, Nepal. Similarly, the key project results are: capacity building of implementing partners women welfare service and Karnali Integrated Rural Development & Research Center (WWS and KD) in gender, empowerment of marginalized women to play an increased role in community decision making and advocate and claim development rights at local level.
Project Objective
1. Organisations, KIRDARC and WWS are trained in gender awareness and improved community training techniques Marginalised
2. Women are empowered through training and access to information to play an increased role in community decision making by KIRDARC and WSS
3. WomenDevelopment Groups and other local community groups advocate and claim their rights in the sphere of community development, focusing on the local Development Council structure

 Target groups:  The target groups are vulnerable, marginalized, dalit and disable women. The direct beneficiaries are 400 women from 18 WDAGs whereas remaining 6967 people from six VDCs of existing groups are the indirect beneficiaries. By the end of the project it is expected that poor and marginalized women are able to advocate for their development rights towards local state structures and have increased social participation through training and allocation of resources.

Project time period:  The targeted time period for the project is 36 months. Project duration is from September 2011, till August, 2014 .