Considering the fact of poor social, economical, political awareness among the women, the organization has keen interest to work in the field of gender issues prevalent in the Humla district. The Chairperson participated in many gender related trainings, workshops and seminars within and outside the districts. The development initiatives of the WWS to date in the district are mainly focused to the women and learnt substantial experiences in gender issues. In this context the following area will be future plan and projects to uplift status of women.

  •  The northern part of the district is suffering from the polyandry marriage system where all brothers from a family marriage with a lady and give birth to child to all. The persons violating system are not getting social and family recognition. In addition to this, due to polyandry marriage system, female has to lose their right of marriage. Hence WWS is interested to work in the community and district level to discourage the system. 
  •  Women in southern part are suffering from various problems which differ with that from northern part. These include the system during the menstruation and delivery period Chhaupadi Pratha, low level of awareness on their rights, less control over the earning and property etc. This might be a possible area for future intervention. 
  •  Severe gender based violence exists in the southern part of the district. Hence social mobilization for empowerment with other intervention including advocacy and income generation activities which improves control to the assets might be important steps in future.
  •  A single woman is another issue in the district. There are various reasons for being women single which are
  1.  Armed conflict
  2.  The society does not accept the women who receive pregnancy before marriage. These women have to struggle very hard or rely on others or have to work for others for lifelong. The amended civil code of Nepal to some extent assured the property right to women without formal marriage but in reality they are not getting. Again, there are no economic opportunities for single women and their children are deprived from opportunities as they enroll their children for education due to poor economic condition. The improvement of economic opportunity and building their capacity might be area for future endeavor of WWS in Humla.
  •  Developing strategy for gender inclusion and equity in each sectors and advocacy
  •  Advocacy to women’s/ human right
  •  Child education
  • Drinking water and sanitation activities to reduce the workload of women