The overall aim of this project is to create an enabling environment for most-marginalized women
from the remote mountain region of Nepal to exercise their Economic, Social, and Cultural (ESC) rights.
Linking with the overall aim, the specific objectives of the project are;

1) to achieve 40% increment in the income of marginalized women and their families and improvement of local products value-chain by 2021 

2) to have in place one policy/strategy that creates an enabling environment for local business
and a working system that promotes good governance at the local level by June 2021.

The project will empower women to increase their income by making them aware of their economic
and social rights, supporting them in organizing themselves as farmers groups and a cooperative,
increasing their agricultural productivity (through training and material inputs) and increasing their
knowledge in business skills and entrepreneurship in the agri-based enterprise.

The project will also support the value-chain study of the most promising products, the establishment/ rehabilitation of vital value-chain infrastructures in the Rural Municipality and facilitate the processing and marketing of local
 The project is implementing at Sarkegad RM in Humla, Karnali province. For which financially supported by Läkarmissionen and technically supported by MISSION EAST.