WWS, Humla is implementing the “SAAMARTHYA: Advancing to Prosperous, Resilient and Socially Cohesive Society” project with, The Main Objectives of the Project is Advancing to Prosperous, Resilient and Socially Cohesive Society.  Main Activities under this project is To promote an inclusive society and foster sustainable and fair development of the Karnali Province, Nepal; similarly, another related task is as below…

  • CSOs and CBOs in Sarkegad have increased the ability to influence local level policy processes and services, to make them more inclusive and accountable, and CSOs are key actors in the empowerment of women and marginalized groups;
  • Marginalized groups are better supported by local policy provisions, including budgets (which have increased), local representatives use inclusive and accountable planning;
  • Women of Sarkegad RM are socially and economically empowered and have improved access to economic services.    The project is financially supported by CISU and technically supported by Mission East, Nepal


2019 January

2021 December


Humla: Sarkegad RM

1. Jaira,   2. Ripa,

3. Unapani, 4. Saya,

5. Gothi, 6. Barai,

7. Rodikot, 8. Rahadev.


Farmer Group:241

Women Group:250

Adolescent Group:250