WWS, since its inception, has been in partnership with various I/NGOs, government agencies and networks in local and national level. WWS has always believed in collaborative work and the positive impact such work brings on all of its programs.

WWS has been working with the following Line agencies:

District Agriculture Office, Humla

District Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Humla

District Development Committee (DDC), Humla

District Education Office, Humla

District Women and Children Office, Humla

District Cottage and Small Industry Office, Humla

Village Development Committee (VDC): 15 (in Mugu and Humla districts)

WWS has functional partnership at various level with the following local and national development agencies:

Local NGOs

District Disability Rights Organization (DDRO), Humla

Himalayan Education and Development (Head) Nepal, Humla

Himalayan Conservation Development Association (HCDA), Humla

Welfare Program for the Poor and the Marginalized (WPMP), Humla

Nepal Austria Partnership Organization (NAPO), Humla

Rural Community Development Center (RCDC), Mugu

Rural Development Group Programme (RDGP), Jumla

Rural Development Programme (RDP), Humla

Rural People Uplifting Development Programme (RPUDP), Humla

Snowland Integrated Development Center (SIDC), Humla

Sahara Nepal, Humla

Nepal Trust, Humla

Young Star Club, Humla

National I/NGOs

Asia Network for Sustainable Agriculture and Bioesources (ANSAB)

Karnali Rural Integrated Development and Research Centre (KIRDARC)

Samjhauta Nepal

Sustainable Equality Development Academy (SEDA)

WWS has been implementing projects in financial and technical support of the following partners:

Governance Facility (GF)

Civil Society in Development (CISU) / DANIDA

Lakermissionen / Swedish Foundation

Mission East

Nepal Development Study and Research Center

Europe Aid

World Education Nepal

SNV Nepal


USC Canada

WWS is associated with the following organizations and networks at local and national level:

Beyond Beijing Committee (BBC), Nepal

Federation of Democratic NGOs (FEDEN), Nepal

Network of Women Human Right Defenders, Nepal

NGO Federation of Nepal

Safe Motherhood Network Federation Nepal

We Can Alliance