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This enables the computer to speak so you know what you are writing and what is on a screen.WebbIE is a text browser designed for people with sight loss to enjoy the internet.Use the up and down cursor keys to listen to a document.

This is all about using the keyboard and not the mouse. You need to see to be able to use the mouse. There is nothing wrong in getting a seeing friend to help you get started.

Press the Windows key to bring up the Start Menu. Either Arrow Up or Down and press Enter on the program you want to use or press the Windows Key and type the first few letters of the name of a program and press Enter to hear.

The cursor keys speak words within documents, lists, radio button choices, and sliders.

The left Alt key then the cursor keys speak Ribbon or menu choices. Holding down the left ALT Key and pressing the Down Cursor Key will in older programs let you hear the File Menu choices. Press ENTER on the one you want. Press Control F1 to minimise the ribbon. Press Alt with the arrow keys to start exploring the Ribbon in Office 10 and later.

The TAB key moves about dialog boxes.
The Space Bar toggles checkboxes on or off.
The ENTER key confirms any choice you have made.

There are Microsoft Windows Shortcut keys indicated by an underscore beneath the appropriate letter. E.g. Alt plus F to bring up the File Menu.

Alt F4 closes the program you are using.

What follows is a list of some key strokes to get you started:

Thunder Help key mode on/off = NKP 0
Punctuation level spoken = NKP 1
Read current line = Caps Lock + L
Read highlighted text = Caps Lock + H
Repeat last speech = Caps Lock + semicolon
Speak name = of program you are using SHIFT + Caps Lock + N
Stop speech till next keystroke = CTRL
new document = CTRL + N
open file = CTRL + O or ALT + F then O
print document = CTRL + P then ENTER or ALT + F then P
save document = CTRL + S or ALT + F, then S
Spell Check in Microsoft Word = Capslock + N (next spelling error) then application Key, Arrow Down and Enter on your choice.

To go to Thunder Screenreader speech Settings: Hold down ALT and dab at the forward slash key, to the left of the right Shift Key. TAB to what you want to change, then press cursor up or down keys to change level or the Space Bar to check or uncheck a checkbox.

WebbIE In Brief

WebbIE is a text browser but you can view images by pressing CONTROL + I. Currently, you must use WebbIE with Thunder to enjoy the internet.

WebbIE Shortcut Keys which are not Windows Standard

TAB between Address Bar and main window.
Skip links down = Control + Down Cursor
Skip links up = Control + Up Cursor
Goto RSS Feeds = Alt + E
Crop web page (Skip page elements) = Control + K
Next link = Control + Tab
Previous link = Control + Shift + Tab
View links list = Control + L
Goto form = F6
Goto page headline = F7
Find on a Web page = Control + F
Find next on a Web page = F3
Google Search = Control + W and type key words. ENTER and CURSOR amongst your choices and ENTER.


These include RSS NEWS Feed, BBC iPlayer, Gutenberg Library, Podcatcher for hearing podcasts and the Web Directory which helps you sort out your main web interests.

Each has a Windows Menu and access is also via the TAB key and ENTER on your choice. TAB to the appropriate audio buttons, volume, play and stop etc as an alternative.
You need Adobe Flash to play the BBC iPlayer.


Read a message from the Inbox list = Enter then Arrow Keys
Delete an Inbox e-mail message = Delete Key
Open or post a new message = Control + N
Send a message = Alt S
Open the Address Book = Shift + Control + B or Windows Key then type ‘cont’ (contacts)and press Enter
Reply to the message = Control + R
Close a message = ESCAPE

For more information about this software, please visit User Guide in PDF format.
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