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Women Welfare Service (WWS) is a nonprofit and non-governmental organization established in 1993. The objective of this organization is to work for the most marginalized women of Karnali with the aim to empower them socially and economically, promote inclusion in every structure and process, and enhance their access to every facility and right. WWS is a women-led local NGO that includes in its staff and executive management members from marginalized communities, ethnic minorities, and Dalits. WWS has implemented projects that address extreme poverty and women suffering deprivation in the Karnali region. WWS works in major four themes: Livelihood, Education, Health, and Empowerment including climate change, and disability. The projects implemented by WWS have: promoted and protected women’s rights; enhanced the economy and women’s livelihoods; assisted in organizing and mobilizing women & other marginalized groups; hosted literacy classes for women; created income generations opportunities for women; supported the development of infrastructure to support the social development of the vulnerable and marginalized groups.

WWS Journal

  • Successful Completion of RUPANTARAN Project..

    With the aim to create an enabling environment for most-marginalized women from the remote mountain region of Nepal to exercise their Economic, Social, and Cultural (ESC) rights. Women Welfare Service has implemented “RUPANTARAN: Women empowerment through the economic transformation of the most marginalized women of Humla- Karnali to helps to achieve the following objectives: 1) […]

  • Successful Completion of a Project

    On 30th of June, 2014, Women welfare Service successfully completed the Project titled, “Civil Society for Inclusion: building up inclusive approaches for women with disabilities in Humla”.


Thematic Areas

Our Moves :
Gender Justice for Bright Future LKM003, Voicing for Equality and Justice for women in karnali,...
Our Moves:
Women Empowerment through Economic Transformation of the most marginalized women of Humla....
Our Moves:
Building the Foundation of HRBA at Local Level, Breaking Silence: raising Voice for Good Governance in Karnali Region...
Our Moves:
Advancing to prosperous, Resilient and socially cohesive society (2019-2021), Economic Growth for Social Justice:...
Our Moves:
Social Mobilization & Infrastructures, Community Infrastructure Development, Organized child education classes...
Our Moves:
Voicing for Equality and Justice for women in Karnali, I Have a Voice: women advocating for development in Nepal...


“I have had the pleasure of seeing the activities of Women Welfare Service (WWS) around Sarkegad, Karnali province. For instance, it was impressive to witness the impact of the cooperative with 800 members and the farmers’ groups, increasing the income of poor people many-fold. WWS is truly making a difference in the lives of the most marginalised and vulnerable women in this remote area of Nepal. Mission East is proud of our long-standing partnership with WWS.”

Managing Director
Mission East Denmark

Betina Gollander Jensen

"I never imagined being a shop owner but the training from "SAAMARTHYA" project by Women Welfare Service had helped me to be one. The 4 days retail shop training gave me strength, motivation and courage to start a new career at this point and got 10,000 rupees monetary support to start a business. I am earning good money from my shop and using those money to my children's education. The project not only helped me to earn money but also helped me to read and write, and become a leader. I am leading people to fight against caste based disrcimination, climate crisis, child marriages, chhaupadi, domestic violence"

Direct Beneficiary from Rodikot.

Rajmati B.K